SOLD-I&J Skid Steer Style 3 Point front mount attachment plate

MN Slick

5 year old buck +
I&J attachment plate, like new, 3000 lb capacity. Located in North Missouri about a mile from the IA border.

$300 plus shipping

Mount a sprayer up front and plant in one pass or run a crimper or roller up front and drill on the back.




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5 year old buck +
^ I have a similar plate to that shown above. I have used it to mount my landscape rake on my loader. Really works slick for cleanup after you can push the debris into piles. Unlike the rear mount......its easy to clean out the rake with the loader controls and far easier to push the limbs than to pull then. Mine also has a reciever hitch on I can mount my seeder to the front. One other really good use is to mount a 3 point Boom to place rafters or other material. The list goes