Savage Axis 2


5 year old buck +
Took the action apart. The savage Axis 2 kinda appears to have an adjustable trigger like an accutrigger, but the screw sets the saftey engagement depth. Didn't touch that screw.

So their 2 piece trigger is not a 2 stage. The grey metal center piece is a sear safety block. Just prevents the trigger from going off by accident. Does not touch the sear at all in normal operation.

This saftey is necesary. This thing really does have a hair trigger.

I am a follower of master gunnery sargent owens tips. I use a gun with a good amount of sear depth / creep and give or take 4lb trigger. I make small little circles with my gun and squeeze more until the circle is at 12 oclock.

Timney has a trigger kit I might buy. Sear depth / creep is adjustable. The amount you have to move the trigger to make it break Ill think about it today. Might just whack it with a stone / file to mke the sear deeper. Might be able to put a small inner spring under thetrigger spring for some more pull.

MY trigger scale says a touch under 2lbs and about 1/16" creep to break it.