Life is precious, keep the faith.


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Hey everyone, long time no posts... Life takes you a lot of different directions you didn't expect, quickly.

A gentleman I befriend a bit over 2 years ago now, someone we talk on the weekly level because of same interests, hunting, guns, faith, politics etc...

I randomly send him something yesterday via text, he just responded 'my only child committed suicide last night, idk what to do'.... man those things are just so horrific theres no way to help it seems but just be present & available. If you are able to help with the funding trying to help the widow left behind please do, even if you can't, this can serve as a reminder that life is precious and there is hope, reach out.
Sorry to hear that. Depression can run in families. Had a coworker deal with loss of a child. Somedays they need to vent, other just a distraction. He will blame himself, his dpiyse, and other around his child. Not an easy road. Hut he'll be glad your around the turn.
That is a parents worse fear/nightmare. Not much you can do other than be there.