For sale mobile elevated box stand insulated and tin roofed.

Angus 1895

5 year old buck +
I helped build this bad boy.

The owner passed away so I am going to try to help get it moved to a new location.

It’s warm….I got an archery deer with it in zero degree weather.

One tire is flat.

It has a stove pipe hole in the roof.

On Lexington avenue in Ham Lake Minnesota.

Asking $475

Thanks for looking


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It’s a gravity grain cart, it’s nearly 8 foot elevation
If I was a local I would be in for that price. Likely limited amount of folks on here for that to be close by unfortunately. Craigslist that badboy in the local area or the dreaded farcebook market place. Target audience should bite at that price. Might wanna say if tire leaks but holds air for a time. That will help sway a few bites also.

Every single old running gear I scrounge up I pay more for replacement used tires and new tubes compared to the actual gear. Part of the problem is pickup trucks the last 20 yrs the tires don't fit those smaller rims on that old gear so my supply has dried up

The tire that ain’t holding air is a modern newer looking one

I’m betting it’s a slow leak deal

If I could get it to Idaho I would own it.
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