designing 71 acres in Kansas ag


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Osage orange for me is a love/hate relationship canopy grown trees will be straight and there is no better fence post tree period. Out in the open they are brushy disasters good for very little to me. Easy to kill however if not where you want them Remedy Ultra/diesel fuel for basel treatment pretty much any time of year but spring sap flow. Remedy Ultra water with surfactant as a foliar spray.


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I think Picture this is a great app but it's certainly not immune from being wrong in many occasions.
I don't doubt that, but compared to the free alternative, it is a huge improvement. I'm happy to have something that is usually correct.


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thanks for the suggestions @Troubles Trees
Your comments fit my general plan, but the specifics are helpful. Everyone seems to have a little different take on the specifics, so that helps fill out my options.
On deer patterns: after rain, there are tracks all over the property. On trail cams I'm seeing them often in morning, evening, and overnight. Lots of singles and pairs, but also groups of up to 5-6 deer at a time. The only time of day I don't see much traffic is mid day. Its surprising, they really seem to hit everywhere. I had a trail cam 10 feet from the fence along the highway, pointing somewhat towards the highway. I wanted to figure out what was living in a hole by the fence. In a week I got several deer pictures just in that little feild of view by the highway. There is a plant in the fence that multiple deer came to eat. On my next trip out, I'll figure out what it is. I see evidence of bedding in many areas. In the timber, but also any area with high grass gets beeding too.
So like you're saying, I think my value opportunity is in cover/bedding and adding diversity to the food options beyond big ag. And I have more water than most of Kansas, so I should be able grow whatever I want.
6 months in, I'm very pleased with this land.


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Just saw your reply. Definitely open up those watering holes. Thinking about it more, do it somewhat conservatively. You could end up digging it too much and having the water not puddle up as much.

MY experiences hunting in AG, things change very quickly once the area is harvested. Having some food plot coupled with close cover. Even a maze of fallow shrubs with narrow 30ft or so rows of late season forage. Even making the food plot spot bigger with taller grass on the edges would be good too.

Early season, itll be hard to get them out of that corn. Thats where that water is going to work.

A person who I spoke with alot on the old cabelas forum had a small parcel near large ag did very well with only 2 things. He maintained the area shrubby by just keeping the area fallow, but mowed. Kept it to meandering paths that doubled as shooting lanes. Then he made a watering hole. A watering tub that kept itself filled with a 275 gallon tub.