Benchrest Rifle - Stolle Panda 6PPC - with all the needed tools to load and shoot in competition.


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I own a specialty rifle for Benchrest Competitive Shooting.....(or it could make a great prairie dog gun, etc.).

Here is what I have to sell.
Stolle Panda Action Right port /Right Bolt with fluted bolt. (SN 91XX). All metal is stainless or aluminum.
This gun was 'smithed by Dan Dowling and is a LV / HV Switch Barrel rig with 2 barrels and stock weight system.
McMillan BR Stock w/3"Forstock. Glue in by Truman Wilson and Candy Apple Red with black shadows by Tom Merideth
LV Bbl is a Brougham 6PPC with 3 lands / grooves
HV Bbl is a Hart 6PPC (chamber has a scratch). (both barrel chambers were cut with a Forgren's Reamer - .261 necks. )
Jewell 2 OZ trigger
Jewell Silver (insert style) scope Rings
Luepold 36x Target Scope (later model) with 1/8" clicks and sun shade (not a scratch)
Barrel Vice and Action wrench to switch barrels.
Harrels Precision bench Press with custom Bump Die
Harrrels BR Powder Measure with bottle and adaptor for 1 lb Plastic Bottles.
Wilson Hand (arbor press) seating die
Wilson Hand (arbor press) Sizing Die
Neck Turning tools and arbors (Sincair and Russ Haydon- as new)
Bore Cleaning Guide (one-off by Stoney point Custom)
Dummy Cartriges and bullet model cartages to get you started
Competiton load block for bench
Lapua Prepped brass (20 pcs / neck turned and ready to shoot)
Lapua 220 Russian Cases - proximity 100 pcs - new.
1 Box of 100 68 grain flat base Berger Bullets - as used in competition
Sinclair Windage adjustable bench rest top to fit Hart Pedestal - with ball bearings and fitted leather bag. (no hart Pedestal included)
BR "flip lift" for fast sighter target shooting - and reverts to record target
Load Development books and records and data used to shoot this gun.

$2750 for all above. You would have a gun that could compete with the best. -- A real value for someone new to the sport. No junk here. This kit was the best of the best when I was into this hobby.
I'd like to sell it all in one transaction as this would be an ideal starter package.

I have shot "screamer" groups with this gun. (five shot groups in the "0's)

Perhaps you know someone whom would be interested?

Also have Mititoyo Blade Mike (separately)
Also have Mitoyos Ball Mike (separately)

I have not shot this gun in several years. But have competed with this for two years in regional benchrest competition and two Super Shoots at Kelby's Range in Ohio.

PM me for more details or to trade phone numbers. The gun and items listed are in AZ currently. Would need to make a somewhat speedy transaction as I am going back to MN in a month. This would require an FFL transfer.

No games. Good stuff and a good value. I'm just not into this these days (other stuff going on now) and I would like someone else to enjoy this equipment. I was going to put this on Benchrest Central....but never got around to it this year. Too many medical issues and other life events happening.

Thanks for looking. Tom
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5 year old buck +

What’s the round count on the barrels?


5 year old buck +
I think the round count on the LV Barrel is about 1200 or so. Will look at my records later today. I do not think the Hart HV Barrel has many rounds thru it.....however there is a light scratch in this barrel and I am uncertain what that scratch may do to the brass cases when fired. I never competed in HV so I never shot the barrel. The guy I bought it from did not know how the barrel got scratched. It is in a plastic barrel protector. I saved the barrel in order to have it "set back" a few thousandths of an inch......but never got this done.

I'm also going to take some pics and will try to add them here or send them via email to anyone interested.



5 year old buck +
I took about 15 pics with my cell phone. Here is what is described above plus a few more things are included I forgot about. The gun shows some minor handling nicks and the mylar tape that the stock slides on needs to be replaced. I am tabulating the shot count and can provide that info for both barrels. The nice thing about the PPC is that the short case with minimal taper does not make for much case stretching and the low powder charge does not eat barrels too fast. I never noticed much change in the OAL over the time I owned and shot the gun. The gun started life in about 1995 and I was the second owner. And I purchased at Kelby's super shoot in 1997 (IIRC) then accumulated the needed reloading gear about that time. That Harrels Press, the Harrels Powder Measure, Luepold scope and the dies likely are worth the asking price alone. More pics via email to interested buyers.


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