switch grass

  1. K

    Timing for switchgrass and herbicide

    The clock is ticking! Here's my situation- I frost seeded about 18 acres of switchgrass from late January into late February. In mid April I contracted with the local ag supply to spray Atrazine and glyphosate on the plot. Well, rain and mud have kept them from doing the job, and now I'm...
  2. Tree Spud

    Switch Grass Planting & Timing

    Well after 3 years of leasing out some Ag land to a neighbor, and 3 uses of excuses for short payments, I am pulling the ag land out of production. I have about 35-40 acres to work with and my plan is to convert some to food plots, would like to plant ~15 acres in thermal cover such as spruce...
  3. H20fwler

    When is a good time to frost seed native grasses?

    I'm going to be planting some switch/bluestem/indian grass. When is a good time to get it out?