deer bedding

  1. M

    2019 Habitat Improvement Plan - 21 Acres in SW Michigan

    Hey everyone. I've been doing some habitat work on my 21 acre property in SW Michigan over the past year or so and I've REALLY come to enjoy this stuff. This year, I decided to lay out a map and a plan for 2019 (which will probably take me more than 1 year to complete) for my property. 21 acres...
  2. M

    Building Buck Beds In A Swamp

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum and wanted to share this to get your feedback. I own a chunk of property that has a lot of cattails/swamp. A couple weekends ago my buddy and I decided to try to build (what will hopefully be) some buck bedding locations on high spots in the swamp and along the...
  3. Brandon

    Hinge cutting for bedding areas

    What I am wondering when you build bedding areas out of hinge cuts how you go about it. I have read so many options on it. What I am wondering is if you hinge trees on top of trees so you have alot of the overhead cover or do you have better luck with making it a tornado zone with trees going...
  4. P

    Hinge cut height for bedding?

    I have an area on top of a ridge that I plan on hinging to make it more attractive as a bedding area. The trees that'll be getting cut are smaller (<4" DBH) and mostly either sugar maple or beech. Some google foo' indicates some folks like about 3-4' for the hinge cut when it's for bedding...