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    Soil fundamentals library

    What about lime to “ prime the pump” to get native/ multi species started? Tell us more about misdiagnosed fallow syndrome? Love learning about this stuff bill
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    Soil fundamentals library

    Lime,lime,lime........and in 2 years lime some more bill
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    Soil fundamentals library

    This is where the local co op shines They will tell you what Legumes, grains,"greens","browns",etc will grow in your area I cant grow buckwheat(or red clover,any perennial clover) either i can grow WR,oats,arrowleaf,crimson clover with the best of them! bill
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    Habitat projects for the weekend?

    Gly "down" to 85$/2.5 gal here Spraying this weekend bill
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    Hunting season is boring

    I prefer box blinds because I can drink beer,glass deer,read, and listen for my wife and kids to shoot bill
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    Who are you?

    We have a honey bee thread on the forum Bees go with habitat management like PB & J bill
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    Fertilizer question

    Im good with any thread to hear Farmer Dan think out loud bill
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    Planted trees finally produced some fruit.

    Its better than Christmas morning when they first produce congratulations!! bill
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    Who are you?

    Welcome to the group!! are you into white oaks? Tell us more about that Lotta tree planting addicts here bill
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    Grass carp

    Article in September Pond Boss addresses unintended consequences of carp: harmful algae blooms, loss of water clarity,forage base depletion,and elevated midge population presumably due to vegetation destruction and attendant increase in phosphorus and nitrogen bill
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    Direct planting acorns

    White oaks do not require stratification for germination In fact, I have photos of live oak acorns sprouting radicles while still on the tree bill
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    Live from the stand thread

    Dayem!!!!!!! bill
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    Rhino limer

    Any issues with "bridging" of lime during transport to destination? bill
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    Lithium camera batteries AA. Ouch!!

    Seems much easier to transport the rolls versus 16 feet hog panels thanks, bill
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    No-tilling through grass

    Fourth.......How am i going to hold my beer and drive at the same time? bill