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Steve, I'm reading your book on habitat and mgmt, and I also just read your post about your map evaluations. I have a new 450 acre property in middle TN. I think it has great potential, but I'm a little nervous of spending tons of money and time on a plan I created without some help. I'm a novice and would love to take you up on map evaluation if you still do them. My email is
Hey Steve was just reading the "ever hire a consultant post" and was wandering if you still did your map evaluations? And what you charge for the evaluation? If you still do them and are interested in looking at our property could you email me at or feel free to text/call 618-791-8812, thanks for your time
What's the hunting like over by you. I am in the beginning stages of land shopping. Your neighborhood a little far west but interesting to me. Thanks
Where are you in South Georgia. I have a place near Boston, GA. Have you dealt much with bahia and bermuda?
Hey Jack

Hope all is well.

Picked up some local Swamp Chestnut and Sawtooth acorns this week. Let me know if have any interest in either and we can figure out how to get them to you.

Please give me the contact info where you saw the lime drop. I have family an hour north of Millerstown and work an hour south of Millerstown so that gets me closer if the price is right. If you say you've been getting them for less than $200 I will be patient and find one. There are a lot of old farms in my area and my wife's father was a farmer years ago and has a lot of "stuff" sitting in his weeds and barns.
Jack, This is Barry (bikeman from Quantico) I would like to chat in private if that would be OK. Can you send me a email?