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Smitty sled


5 year old buck +
Finally got around to building my smitty sled.

Works like a charm. Makes pulling a fully loaded otter sled through drifts a piece of cake. Even solo. Should of done this years ago.



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Very neat


5 year old buck +
I made one a few years ago and now its up in the rafters of my shed. Need to get that thing down but now its too cold :)


Bill Loser

5 year old buck +
I made one 15 years ago. Had no idea it had a name or that other people did the same. Used mine for hauling the big 6 person clam hard bottom. I added racks over the top to carry my buckets and a bracket for the auger. Got to heavy so added a 3rd ski . Worked great.


5 year old buck +
That is sweet.


5 year old buck +
A buddy of mine, after just about having a heart attack hauling his through the recent 14" of snow while I cruised along effortlessly, took pictures of mine, bought a pair of used skis off CL on the way home, and had it built the next day. Easy peasy, and a great project for those of us who are becoming age-impaired.

Smitty posted plans to Iceshanty for his initial build - my 2 cents from years of use: make sure to use downhill skis, not cross country, and space the crossbars to fit your individual sled. How do I know this?? Experience lol...