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Troubles Trees

5 year old buck +
Oz. for Oz. Old Trapper is the best buy!


5 year old buck +
I'm sure you will put them to good use. They are on their third life now, as I got them used as well, so by the time they're done, they could well have nurtured many hundreds of trees. I look forward to seeing lots of new growth on this thread in coming years!

Troubles Trees

5 year old buck +
I just wanted to add this here also so I can find it easier.

On Sunday I planted
13 Bebbs Oaks
19 Nuttall Oaks
17 Shuettes Oak
13 Overcup X Swamp White Oak
15 Sweet Idaho Bur Oak
24 Mid Mo Bur Oak
All those were sent to me at only the cost of shipping (from an anonymous member on this site) as acorns that I stratified in the crisper all winter :emoji_sunglasses:

I still have 19 Pecans and roughly 45 Sawtooth Oaks to plant this coming weekend. I also got 15 American Chestnut seeds started that I got from the TACF chapter here in NY planted in pots and starting to leaf out so they will go in the ground around Memorial Day.

I also ordered 4 Pears and 4 Persimmon from Blue Hill but those won't come until November. I am putting in a 1 acre food plot this year but planting isn't until August and only spraying until then so not very exciting lol I ordered Clover Blend Plus Chicory and Sweet Feast Brassica Blend from Northwoods Whitetail today (Dbltree's suggestion from his thread) for August planting, I was warned they run out of the Brassica and didn't want to have to scramble at the last minute looking for seed.

I also ordered 100 MG (I am not even going to try and spell it :) from Maple River Farms to start some screening, that process seems slow, I reserved some but it wouldn't let me pay yet and it didn't specify when it would get sent out.
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Sheeze. I’m complaining about less than 20 trees I’m planting.

I think if maple rivers let you reserve them they have stock. He won’t charge you until it’s ready to ship.

Troubles Trees

5 year old buck +
I am trying to gain momentum with breaking ground on a small food plot for Whitetails, I am a master at procrastinating some things so I bought my seed last night, I can't use that as an excuse to myself for not putting in the plot AGAIN this year. I read all of DblTree's thread on Brassica's and took his advice, I even used the source he recommended, Northwoods Whitetail. I ordered Sweet Feast Brassica Blend for half the plot and Clover Blend Plus Chicory for the other half. Dbltree suggested planting the Brassica's in the center and clover around the outside so in memory of Dbl I will follow his direction as closely as possible. My friend also mixes in a Cereal Rye (he couldn't recall exactly which one offhand) in his mix but I see a lot of people here recommend either Winter Rye or Buckwheat so I am unsure which way to go there. I would like to provide something for my Turkeys if either of them do that.

Most of this is new to me and I have no equipment for plotting other than a hand sprayer, a lawnmower I use as a brush hog and a hand crank spreader, so any critique or advice is very much welcome. I will have to hand spray if I am going to as to avoid risk of drift because the edges of the plot I marked out is only 20-30' away from many various young trees I have planted and fairly close to my beehives. A friend used a mix of 3 Qts. of Roundup and 2 Quarts of 2-4D (I should have asked if he cut that with water or used straight) for the initial kill off of weeds in the first year. He suggested spraying Mid April, again in May and again in late July then plant at the beginning of August. This is what my friend did, I would prefer to not spray and can get my mower up there. Should I just let it grow (currently mostly goldenrod) then spread fertilizer and seed then mow or roll it if I can find a roller? I do have farms around me close enough I am considering paying one of them to spread some manure and lightly disc (only the top inch or 2) the plot just to flatten and break up the surface to be more accepting to the seed.

I submitted my soil samples and am currently waiting to get the results back. I am an overthinker (which only feeds my procrastinating) and when going into projects unfamiliar to me I like to get a lot of experienced advice before I feel like I actually feel confident that I know what I am doing. Thankfully we have a plethora of experience here :)
So what would you add or do differently? I am not married to any of this plan (except the seed I ordered lol), this is how my friend did it and he doesn't have much for experience.

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