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Evergreen plugs


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I am planning to plant about 1000 evergreens of different varieties in many different locations. Most of these plantings will be for pockets of evergreens but some in a more block format. To plant such numbers seems overwhelming. Therefore I'm considering the option of using plugs.

Can you list some pros and cons about using plugs for this type of project.

I know plugs can be purchased, but at what point is it more cost effective to start one's own.
I enjoy starting trees, I have a hobby greenhouse, lamps, etc so I'm considering starting my plugs. However this approach is mainly to curb costs.

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In my opinion...

Plugs are: More expensive, easy to handle (in trays), easy to plant with a plug tool and good survival rate. I like them for the standard root ball size so one size hole fits all.

Bare-root are: Less expensive, bundled so you have to pick them apart and here is the big one- The roots on some are MASSIVE, like dig a big hole, massive. You must be careful to get the roots in right to avoid problems like circling. This makes planting more work but they have a great survival rate when planted well and with more root mass to start with you sometimes get better growth rates.

I have planted both, at this point I am a plug buyer but that is mostly because I am planting smaller quantities. The first year I planted 1200 bare-root with a dibble bar/shovel... never again! Those pines and oaks really can put on a root system when field grown (bare-root) vs. container grown (plug).

Much like you, I have started buying and collecting seeds and growing from scratch. Once you have the supplies each tree is dirt cheap. Plus growing them is fun. Read up on stratification for each variety you grow, it is the key to success!


Yearling... With promise
Thanks for the input Sconnie.