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I saw a buck yesterday that I have seen before about a couple weeks ago. I noticed him step strangely so I put the bino’s on his and thought maybe he injured himself. Every time he would walk he would pick his back legs up like he was trying to avoid stepping in something like high stepping.... so I watched him for a bit.. he ate appeared alert and such.. something scared him and when he ran his back end seemed stumbly or off, not in sync with his front legs. I found a video of a doe that was filmed walking and it looked identical but the doe was walking strange with all four. This is in Medina county and we have had a case north of 90 which is about 20 miles away or so. Not sure what to do further. The little buck is about 3 at the oldest and is not skinny.


A good 3 year old buck
It sure could be. It sounds like your close enough to known positives. We’ve seen some deer we figured that had cwd on camera and they are all skin and bones. If they are not skinny, we’ve never seen them stumbling around the woods. I’m guessing it’s a foot or leg injury. Hopefully that’s the case for you.


5 year old buck +
Depending on what state you're in...

If you've got a hostile game department, one that is itching to wipe out the herd, I'd delete this thread and let nature handle it. If that deer is wobly already, the scavengers will take care of it in short order. No state has stopped or snuffed out CWD. It makes no sense to add your area to the list of places where they kill everything and still accomplish nothing.

Tree Spud

5 year old buck +
^^^^ SD is correct. We have had CWD in the state for 25 years. Very concentrated in a few counties. We are a neighboring county and had our 1st positive test 3 years ago and now we are at a total of 3 positive.

The DNR in their infinite wisdom have classified deer carcass' as hazard waste. This drove up the cost and volume of paperwork for deer processors. Now all the deer processors in the county have either closed or stopped processing deer.

Let it go and let mother nature take care of it.


5 year old buck +
Sounds like one we found a few years back that had a brain abscess,I would bet you find him dead then look around the antler bases for signs but yes I wouldn't call F&G