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  1. Peplin Creek

    Stock Market is the bottom in?

    It seems like we have a good number of forum members who like to dabble in the market. I think this could be a fun topic to talk about as we rebound. Let’s all try our best to keep Unproductive political talk out of it as much as possible. (Bill feel free to shut it down if it gets out of...
  2. Peplin Creek

    Wisconsin deer council meetings

    here is a link for all the wisconsin folks who want to attend the meeting. Time and location are in the pdf.
  3. Peplin Creek

    Coolest picture taken......

    -31.... get it? “Coolest”.... Gotta love wisconsin.
  4. Peplin Creek

    Happy New Year!

    It’s a couple hours early, but I wanted to wish everyone on the forum a Happy New Year! May this next decade be more prosperous for all than the last. God Bless!
  5. Peplin Creek

    Modifying a trail camera’s flash.

    This maybe a stupid question... you know what, it’s definitely a stupid question.... so here it goes... Has anyone modified a camera’s flash more specifically the casing to reduce the red glow of a camera? I noticed some brands have tinted glass for red glow now. I am wondering if there is...
  6. Peplin Creek

    Thoughts on what to do with grey dogwood?

    I have some grey dogwood that’s getting to be about 20-25 feet tall. The branches seem to be above the browse line now and opening up the canopy floor. The 3 options I can think of are: 1. Cut the dogwood back shin/knee high so fresh woody shoots start. Hoping this will provide daytime browse...
  7. Peplin Creek

    What type of tree/shrub is this?

    I have these all over... they grow in clumps. They provided browse when they were smaller. Wondering what it is. To see if I should cut them back, hinge cut or let it go.
  8. Peplin Creek

    Suggestions on Trail camera photo organizer

    I’m wondering what people use to organize trail camera photos? I’m looking for a system (if it even exists) that I can import pictures too that saves them per location and can then get some analytical data from it.
  9. Peplin Creek

    Magnus Stinger Broadheads

    Last year was the toughest year I’ve ever had bow hunting. I had 3 encounters with extremely nice bucks. One being a complete Miss and the other two being non-fatal hits. To say I was beside myself would be an understatement. I was left guessing pretty much everything... from shot selection...
  10. Peplin Creek

    Ground wasps....

    Got nailed today in a food plot spraying... what’s the best way to get rid of those suckers? I’m guessing spray doesn’t get down far enough
  11. Peplin Creek

    Equipment needed to self film hunts.

    Looking to maybe start self filming deer hunts. Recommendations wanted for a camera? 1080p or 4K under $1000. Must have accessories and anything else one would need to get started and have good enough equipment to make it enjoyable and worth the extra effort.
  12. Peplin Creek

    Stealth Cam wireless cameras.

    I purchased a stealth cam wxa at&t 4g/LTE. Setup was easy enough and the data plan was $25 for 3 months for 1GB of data. So far i like the camera a lot for a $200ish cell camera. Here are some pictures that have transmitted back at the 1280x760 resolution. Pretty nice for a cell cam. I have...
  13. Peplin Creek

    BOB clover blends.

    I am turning over a small 1/8 of an acre kill plot back into clover. I could just create my own mix like I have done many times in the past but I feel like trying out a BOB clover mix. “Designed for food plots”. Anyone have success with certain brands that they would care to share?
  14. Peplin Creek

    Looking for an age.

    Just looking for an age on this deer.
  15. Peplin Creek

    What is this in my clover plot?

    Pretty simple, looking for an ID for the heart shaped plant mixed in with my clover. thanks
  16. Peplin Creek

    Forage soybean plantings

    When do you all plant your forage beans? Same time? wait a month after farmers? I am thinking of a late planting to hopefully still have green beans when all the ag fields yellow.
  17. Peplin Creek

    First fawn of the year

    If she carried her little one the 200 days, She was bred right around the 23rd of oct. That’s been consistent of when I start seeing rutting activity in my area.
  18. Peplin Creek

    Antler King PH testing Kit.

    So first, let me say this product isn’t a soil test replacement tool. This strictly gives the user a rough estimate of where their soil PH is. It will not tell you what soil nutrients are available. I have used this test kit for 2 years. It comes with 4 ph test strips. Roughly $15. Plus you...
  19. Peplin Creek

    Food plotting strategy

    I wanted to open a topic up about plotting strategies. The last couple of years i have had a total of 7 plots none bigger than 1/2 acre. Mostly kills plots. I have tried to split the planting’s up by forage. So I had some plots in brassica mixes, some in clover and the rest in cereal grains...
  20. Peplin Creek

    A pretty solid whitetail/food plot seminar by Jeff Sturgis on youtube

    Hey guys, I came across what I consider a pretty solid food plot seminar presented by Jeff Sturgis. It’s a hour and half long but it touches on food plots. Not so much on what exactly to plant, but more on placement. How they can help and harm your hunting. Doe and buck bedding. I do tend to...