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  1. J B

    Honeycrisp Health

    I made the mistake of planting some honeycrisp apples awhile back. I prune them every year, but I have never sprayed them besides a rare tent caterpillar nest. I really don’t want to do a full spray program on any of my trees. We have enough trees that there are plenty for us and the deer...
  2. J B

    Post-Season Apples

    Hello, I have a bunch of apples planted for the hunting season. Some are producing well and others need a few years yet. We had a pretty tough winter in SW WI this year (polar vortex and deep snow by our standards for a few weeks). The wildlife looked pretty thin a couple weeks ago. Luckily...
  3. J B

    Help ID an Apple

    Hey guys! I had some friends planted a bunch of apples 10 years ago. The deer really seem to prefer one variety. The tags are all missing on the trees now though. Any guess on what this may be? The apple was bright red a couple weeks ago. As you can see the color has darkened since then. A lot...
  4. J B

    Tordon RTU Around Wild Apple Trees

    I have a few mature wild apple trees in an old pasture. The underbrush consists of a bunch of prickly ash. How much risk do I have if I cut the prickly ash and treat them with tordon rtu? I’ve heard about the “potential” for root grafting between different species in the past, but haven’t heard...