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    Clethodim around young fruit trees?

    Is it safe to use clethodim around young apple and pear trees? Would it work better than the glyphosate I've been using?
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    Hazelnut from seed

    Can someone explain to me how to go about growing hazelnuts from seed? I have a native hazelnut bush at the edge of my driveway and I would like to grow some from the nuts on the bush. This past year I grew apple and pear trees from seeds by storing the seeds in a zipper bag, wrapped in a moist...
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    Fertilizing clover plot

    I have a 2nd year clover plot containing med red, white dutch, jumbo ladino and alice. Last fall I fertilized it with 0-25-25 but this year there is no nitrogen free fertilizer to be found. Would 13-13-13 get me by this year or do I really need to keep the nitrogen out of the plot?