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  1. j-bird

    Sam Bilhorn & whitetail partners out of WI

    Anyone familiar with Sam Bilhorn or Whitetail Partners consulting out of Wisconsin? I stumbled across him and was curious if anyone here has any knowledge/experience with him/them.
  2. j-bird

    Towers for ground blinds

    I am sure this has been tried so I want to know what others have experienced... Because I am cheap....I am considering building wooden towers and putting soft sided ground blinds on them instead of building a more typical wood framed shooting house or commercially available hard sided blind...
  3. j-bird

    Pant legs in or out....

    So I wear a pair of muck boots 99% of the time I deer hunt.... I was wondering...for those of us that use some sort of tall rubber type you pull your pant leg over the boot or do you tuck it inside your boot when hunting?? And do you have a conscious reason why?
  4. j-bird

    Fishing finds

    Was cleaning out the garage today and found a few things from I'm guessing the 50's ~ 60's...... A "Falls City" minnow bucket, A older wooden "Jitter bug", a Tony Accetta spoon and a "hula popper" that still in the box, with the instructions and the trailer hook.... Only thing I even knew...
  5. j-bird

    Cell boosters

    Looking for some advice/guidance on cell signal boosters I live in an area where if I get 2 bars of cell service I an doing good. I am looking into a cell signal booster to assist with this, but I am not an electronics type of person. Have any of you had experience with these or have and...
  6. j-bird

    Carolla where no carolla has been before!

    Well it was an interesting day yesterday at my place. We have an old carolla that my daughter used to drive but we lost 4th and 5th gear in the manual trans so the car has sat for a while. After trying to sell it to even salvage yards for $300, it looks like it's headed to the scrap yard...
  7. j-bird

    Any ideas for "plan B" plot?

    So Between an issue with my planter, maybe some carelessness on my part and some unwanted corn plots are trash! I have 1 good row in 3 plots total. Either the seed was older than i was told, the planter wasn't working properly...AND I know I got visitors as I have little...
  8. j-bird

    How to treat skunked dog?

    So I know many of us here have dogs in and around the house. Sooner or later if they are out in the woods or the like they will come across a pole-cat (skunk). I am curious as to what different treatments you all have used. One of the dogs we have has been sprayed twice now in about 2...
  9. j-bird

    What is this flowering tree/shrub?

    Was out the other day and right on the property line I noticed this (hard to miss it) but I am not sure what it is..... I'm guessing either some sort of dogwood or crab apple maybe. I have never noticed it before, and I don't think it's a dogwood because of the leaf edges (most dogwoods I am...
  10. j-bird

    Chainsaw chain seems to be stretching!

    Ok...maybe I'm on some bad drugs or maybe I'm buying some cheap chains.....but has anyone of you guys seemed to have issues with your saw chains stretching? I now have 2 chains (no idea how old or what brand) that they have reached a point in where the slack adjuster in my saw will no longer...
  11. j-bird

    Mineral sites and standing water and EHD

    So, I pulled this card yesterday and the first thing I noticed is that I must have every deer within a mile of my place in this picture.....I count 10, which is more than I have EVER had in one pic before. What I did notice and am more concerned about is the mud and standing water. I am...
  12. j-bird

    PSA.....Ticks are active already!

    I am sure some of you in the south are already well aware.....but I pulled a wood tick off of me yesterday here in Indiana. Seems early for them...but somebody forgot to tell this guy.
  13. j-bird

    Shrub ID needed

    I found this in the woods today. Appears to be a multi-stem shrub in growth pattern.....seems to like moister soils as well and was found in the woods...not on the edge. It is NOT wild cherry...cherry is starting to green up here and I am VERY familiar with cherry. Al pics are of the very...
  14. j-bird

    Spreading switchgrass seed???

    I am sure it's here somewhere but I am too lazy to look.... I am spreading some switchgrass seed into a disced area to add some diversity. I don't have a drill, don't need a drill, don't want a drill. Does anyone have a decent means to spread switcgrass? My kids made fun of me as I...
  15. j-bird

    Square holes???

    Anybody buy into this??? I just found it and found it "interesting".... Claims square holes are better for trees....ummmm...Ok?!?
  16. j-bird

    Gun barrel ???

    Have any of you guys ever seen an old gun barrel (on a long rifle) that was octagonal on the outside with a heptagonal (seven sided) bore? This seems really strange to me. It's on a old long rifle that I know very little about other than it was given to my grandfather from his...
  17. j-bird

    Trap door entry for elevated blind

    Any of you use a trap door entry style for your elevated blind? I am considering doing this in an effort to reduce the chance of me getting picked off when on the landing of my blind (in at least 2 cases I will be skylined with no back cover at all). My thinking is that it's easier to...
  18. j-bird

    Great weekend

    Had a great firearms opening weekend here in IN. Lots of action- more than I ever recall having in the past! I hunted with my daughter and son and we all got deer. Emma got a fawn 75 lbs Saturday morning. And Tom got a big bodied younger buck (clean 8 points) 200 lbs Sunday evening. I...
  19. j-bird

    Anti-vibration gloves?

    Any of you use a particular brand of anti-vibration gloves that you like? I have a Sthil FS111 brush clearing saw and I put the 3 finger blade on it this weekend to knock back some weeds and the damn thing about shook me to death! After about 1/2 hour my hands had become numb. The blade...
  20. j-bird

    Project "battle wagon" mobile deer blind

    I logged the progress of this project in my land tour but I thought it may reach a few more folks here as well. Sorry for the wind noise and th elack of a professional video...but it should get the point across.....