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  1. 4wanderingeyes

    Fresh sidewalk pour froze

    So this past Friday I decided to take advantage of the above average weather, and pour some footings for my deck, and pour a small pad for in front of my door entrance(sidewalk). It was about 50 and sunny when it was poured. The deck footings are 4+ feet deep, so I figured ground temp would keep...
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    Take a second shot?

    With all the talk about deer going into the neighbors land. If a deer is still on its feet, after you assume was a good shot, and it is running away, do you take another shot? I was wondering if you guys attempt to stop it on the run, or let it go, in hopes it doesn’t make it across a property line.
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    Weekend retreat

    So right now my new house I am moving into next summer, is my weekend getaway. I am there pretty much every weekend. The questions I have about having the weekend getaway is, do you turn off the electric hot water heater every time you leave, then turn it back on when you get back the next...
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    Best cheap cell cam?

    My daughter is looking to buy her boyfriend a couple cell cams, and wants something decent, but not expensive. I haven’t been following the cell cam world lately, and figured this would be the best place. I know I can use the search function, but I want recent opinions, not ones about 2 year old...
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    Damn looters!

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    Another one bites the dust

    I pulled up to my cabin and a tree had dropped right on top of a 4 year old apple tree and busted it up pretty good. So in between rain showers I cut up the tree that had fallen on it, and trimmed up all the broken branches. Not much left of it. For a tree that had about 30 apples on it...
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    Food plots around Apple trees

    Because of my limited acres I have planted apple trees in my food plots, to make the best of the acreage. The problem I run into is how do I control weeds? I use to try to spray the plot with gly, but now that I have it mostly filled in with trees, except just between the rows, I don’t want to...
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    Myrtle beach shark fishing charter.

    I am planning on a shark fishing trip at Myrtle Beach, can anyone recommend a good charter? I had gone about 20 years ago, and had a great time, but the charter isn’t there anymore. So I would like a private charter that would take us out and catch some big ones. In the past we would follow the...
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    Deer fly's

    The past couple years the deer fly's are just terrible. Anyone have suggestions on what to use to kill them, or deter them? Traps? Fly tape? I know they like low spots, with mud, so I am going to work on filling in any of them around my place. Anything else ?
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    Bat boxes

    Does anyone put up bat boxes to encourage bats to stay in the area, for bug control? I use to have about 10 bats in the area every evening, now there arent any. I was just trying to reduce bugs a bit, and if I can attract a few bug eaters, I would welcome all the help they would give.
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    Life in Virginia

    Just wondering if any of our Virginia members attended the gun rights rally today? Wondering how things are going there?
  13. 4wanderingeyes

    Left over drywall

    I have a lot of left over drywall scraps. I have very little patients to sit and remove the paper from them, but can I still toss it in my food plots? Or what can I do with it all?
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    Shaking the tree's

    The past few falls/winters I have had bear damage my apple trees. I know most of you guys here like to have apples hang as late as possible, me, after hunting season, I am not interested in having apples on my trees anymore. Between the bear, and raccoons climbing on my trees and breaking them...
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    Hunting your sanctuary

    I have 10 acres that I have saved for a deer sanctuary on my land. I have either hunted the land exclusively, or owned the land since 2001, and I have only been into that 10 acre section 2 times. Once to track a deer, and the other to hunt it way back in 01 or 02. Other then catching the...
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    Weboost review

    On my hunting land, like a lot of us, the phone reception isnt the best. On a good day outside I have 2-3 bars of LTE, but it will switch to 4G, and drop to 1 bar outside. Well I built a steel shop, and as soon as I walked into the shop my phone would go to “no service”. I have done some...
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    Cedar mulch

    Will cedar mulch be ok to put around apple trees, or could that cause a problem with some sort of disease?
  18. 4wanderingeyes

    Lost and found

    I found a trail camera that I set out, my guess 5+ years ago, and must have forgot about. To bad I didn’t bring a card reader to check to see what is on the card. I know this isn’t the first time I have forgotten about game cameras I set out.
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    Clover inoculate ?

    If you are planting clover in a spot that has never had clover, do you need to inoculate the seed?
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    The coon are taking over.

    What was that special potion to make them drop? Also do I need to worry about dogs getting into it, if so, what’s the suggestion to prevent that?