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  1. GaryMichel

    Has anyone remodeled a mobile home?

    One mans junk is another mans treasure. Put it on marketplace for free, they haul it away. Had a friend with one that was pretty bad. Went pretty fast, it’s worth a try
  2. GaryMichel

    Vacuum Sealing Machines

    I have the VP215. Bought it a few years ago. It has an oil pump. It’s been a great machine. Bags are cheap and it’s pretty quiet. Haven’t had any problems as of yet. I believe the sealing bar is 10.25 inches. A larger size bar would be nice so we could seal two bags at the same time (side...
  3. GaryMichel

    Hunting temps

    My range would be similar to yours, assuming you are talking “real feel”. Wind gets me more than anything. Some stands, depending on sun, are just colder than others.
  4. GaryMichel

    We all have our moments...

    Ugh, that hurts! I feel for him.
  5. GaryMichel

    Alder Variety?

    I did have to dig in the middle of a few clumps to find it. I guess the old adage is true…even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.
  6. GaryMichel

    Alder Variety?

    Went out and dug around the base of the bush and found this, so looks to be American Hazelnut. Thanks for the suggestion homerj1 and Mozark. I then trekked down closer to the swamp edge and that looks more like speckled alder. My plan is to transplant the hazelnut to begin building my screening.
  7. GaryMichel

    New ATV sprayer suggestions

    The only problem I see is having that much weight on the very back of the atv gets a little sketchy. My atv is on the smaller side, Honda Rancher 420
  8. GaryMichel

    Went for it and bought the lot

    Which tractor did you get?
  9. GaryMichel

    Alder Variety?

    Also, here are a few views of the open pasture
  10. GaryMichel

    Alder Variety?

    Sorry, should have went into the name this plant section, not sure how to move it.
  11. GaryMichel

    Alder Variety?

    Need some help identifying some brush on the property. We have pasture land that I’m planning to turn into a combination of food plots, let go and let it grow, and tree plantings. It is sandy soil in central MN and these bushes are quite abundant. I believe they are some type of alder. They...
  12. GaryMichel

    Starting from square 1 on implements for food plotting

    What a great thread. Maddog66, I am in the exact same boat, just newer. Closed on my land a month ago and trying to figure everything out. First purchase for me will be a tractor, brush hog, and a grapple. First projects are screening along a half mile dirt road and then access trails along...
  13. GaryMichel

    Insurance Question

    My financial advisor suggested that we put our hunting property in an llp or an llc. This would limit our personal exposure if someone gets hurt/killed on the property. They can sue the llc, but not us personally. With that, we are getting an umbrella policy in the amount of the value of the...
  14. GaryMichel

    What are your basic needs at hunting camp - Plumbing? Electricity? Heat/Air? Internet?

    Prior to this hunting shack I'm using now, I had a bucket that I filled with warm water, an 12v RV pump, a hand held start/stop shower nozzle, a rubber maid bin, and a shower curtain. It worked, just needed to plan accordingly. I mentioned it to my neighbor and he bought that same 12v RV pump...
  15. GaryMichel

    What are your basic needs at hunting camp - Plumbing? Electricity? Heat/Air? Internet?

    Started out in a distant relatives farm house for deer camp. Then moved to a truck camper after the house was no longer available. That was a little tight so started staying in a double wide and a half. Now with the new land have a taj mahal of a hunting shack. Wife says its a tear me down...
  16. GaryMichel

    Who are you?

    Thanks Bill, Wind Gypsy, and Troubles Trees. I have a lot to learn and a long list of things to do between now and Sept. 15 next year. Hopefully get out a few more times with the bow. Hard to sit in the stand without thinking about doing this to one spot and doing that to another spot. Lots...
  17. GaryMichel

    Who are you?

    New Guy Here, Just completed the purchase of some hunting/recreation/farm land in the Brainerd area of Minnesota. Looking forward to spending time on the farm in retirement with a focus on hunting but also not losing focus on just enjoying the outdoors. I joined this site to meet like minded...