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  1. Nightvision

    Clover and a drill

    For people in the south or for those up north who have a dry year and your Durana doesn’t do so well, you can drill grains into your clover. This was done with a no till but last year we did it with a John Deere 8300 with single coulters. Worked just as good last year.
  2. Nightvision

    A couple more pics

  3. Nightvision

    Food plot pic

    I don’t have a no till drill so I still use my tiller. May not be the best for soil health but it sure makes a plot look nice and pretty. This was planted in forage oats.
  4. Nightvision

    Genesis no till drills

    Just a heads up to anybody looking for one. They now have the small seed box as an option. Ballpark of $3,000.00 to have it added. Puts it right in the price range of a Great Plains or Landpride but they can be lifted with a smaller tractor. Oh why are my hobbies so expensive.
  5. Nightvision

    Austrian winter peas

    Hello all. While I’m sure I have planted some in the past I don’t really remember planting any in the last 15-20 years. I’ve read a lot about them and plan on mixing them with some Forage oats. Anybody in middle Georgia or the southeast have an opinion on them? Preferred planting date? I know...
  6. Nightvision

    Rain Rain

    Sending you boys up north a little rain. Its name is Fred!!! Hope it helps you boys that are in a drought.
  7. Nightvision

    Genesis 5

    Hello all. Newbie from Georgia. I have a Kubota L4600 4wd with FEL. I want a no till BAD. I see the Genesis 5 has a light duty and then the heavy model. Looking at my specs, I’m close to being able to handle the heavy. All flat here. No hills. Does anyone have my tractor and the Genesis 5 heavy...