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  1. Tree Spud

    Blue Hill Nursery Stock

    Blue Hill Nursery has posted trees available for spring 2022 ... just wanted to let the gang here on HT know asap!
  2. Tree Spud

    Cover Crop Guide

    Came a cross a good guide from the USDA on cover crops. Address' planting depth, plant class, and other important attributes. See link below. Cover Crops
  3. Tree Spud

    Benefits of Cereal Rye/Winter Rye

    If you want to learn about the benefits of planting WR/Cereal Rye, take a look at Steve Bartylla's video. He does a nice job of explaining the nutritional benefits and WR's early spring emergence from a nutritional perspective. WR is probably the simplest to plant (broadcast), highest...
  4. Tree Spud

    Help Identifying a Mushroom

    Can anyone provide an ID on this one?
  5. Tree Spud

    Fertilizer Head's Up

    Was at my local feed mill buying 10-10-10 on Saturday. Owner said good I came in today as they were on their last 10 bags. Apparently supply chain issues are causing a shortage and he had no idea when his next shipment was coming in.
  6. Tree Spud

    Herron Ridge … Trials, Tribulations, & Some Good Stuff

    Thought I would share our place and the various experiences we have had. It has been often said that a piece of coal can only become a diamond after many years of pressure & stress. Well that sums up habitat work from my perspective. We purchased this property in 2012 and it was our “feet out...
  7. Tree Spud

    Apple Tree Planting Puzzle

    I am beginning to think I need puzzling skills to coordinate where to plant which trees ... bloom time, cross pollination, sun exposure, drop times, views, etc. ... :emoji_astonished: :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Tree Spud

    That Sums It Up

    British TV newsman loses it on story on diversity ...
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    Liquid or Water Soluble Fertilizer

    I am looking to add some liquid, or solids that will dissolve in water, fertilizer to my watering tank for my apples. My watering tank is 35 gallons. I will have 80 new trees, plus 40 or so if we get dry conditions to water this summer. All I am finding is Miracle Grow type stuff. Can anyone...
  10. Tree Spud

    Apple Tree Prunning Critque

    I have prunned before, but this is my first attempt at prunning to develop strong primary lateral limbs. Would like your review of the pruning below. A question I have, is there are 2 leaders creating a "Y" circled in red below. Should I leave or remove one? If remove, how do you determine...
  11. Tree Spud

    What Are You Planting This Spring?

    Well my 1st batch of apple trees arrived this week so the planting marathon begins. I have a number of apples focused on deer food from bow season to late season. Apples & crabs to expand my cider orchard. Some apples for eating. And conifers for thermal cover & bedding. Here is what I am...
  12. Tree Spud

    Tree protectors ... Good or Bad?

    I have several trees that need to have the wire mesh rodent guards that need to be replaced. Tree is about 3.5" in diameter. I have seen these style protectors ... What is everyone's experience? Do they...
  13. Tree Spud

    Wolf or Yote?

    Have seen some very large tracks in this area and we know there is at least one wolf that is local here. Would like your thoughts on ID whether this is a coyote or wolf?
  14. Tree Spud

    New Pond Vegetation ... Land & Aquatic

    Would like to learn what some of you have used to seed land surrounding your pond and vegetation in the pond. Pond is about 1.4 acres and will range from 4' to 9' deep. Will be for waterfowl and fish.
  15. Tree Spud

    Pistol & AR Magazine Speed Loaders

    I have seen videos with folks loading their pistol & AR magazine with speed loaders. Looks a lot easier and more efficiant. What speed re-loaders is everyone using?
  16. Tree Spud

    Why is parochial school so hard?

    Looks like the nuns are roaming the halls slapping wrists at my school. How do you deal with administration who punishes the wrong student?
  17. Tree Spud

    Tractor PTO Driven Stump Grinder Experience?

    I an looking to buying a stump grinder attachment for my tractor. I have a backhoe & grapple, and while they can help remove a stump there are challenges. My tractor is 58 hp, 50 at the PTO. What type/brand do you use and what experiences have you had?
  18. Tree Spud

    Wis Gun Deer Opener

    Well this Saturday our gun opener starts. Weather looks to be 38 F in our area on Saturday and low winds which will be a welcome change. I will be in my stand and my nephew & cousin will be in theirs also at around 6 am. Good luck to everyone, be safe, and update us on your success and enjoy...
  19. Tree Spud

    2019 Buck Mount

    Got my 2019 buck I took in Canada last fall back. Really happy with how it turned out.
  20. Tree Spud

    This is Why BOB Seed Companies Get a Bad Rap

    Feel sorry for anyone who buys BOB seed products as you are pretty much getting screwed. Deer Creek seed which I buy some specialty seed from and is a good company, is charging $13.45 for a 5 lbs bag of winter rye. That comes out to $150 per bushel (56 lbs). See below link... winter rye I can...