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  1. swat1018

    Duck Plot Options

    I have never planted a duck plot, and need expert advise. I have access to an impoundment in NE Indiana that I can fill and drain. The main constraint is that I can only get most of it 1.5 - 2' deep at most, it's not perfectly level. I don't think it will be deep enough for corn. Do soybeans...
  2. swat1018

    Hunting hills and valleys.

    The one thing that is the most challenging for me is hunting in hills, valleys, etc. I was raised and live in the flat country of Indiana. I now own ground in NE MO, and one of my places has big hills and valleys. It's a constant learning curve figuring out the wind currents combined with...
  3. swat1018

    Dead Deer

    Guessing EHD. Had a pic of him on the 30th, found hom on the 31st planting. Neighbor says coonhunters told him the woods smell ripe from all the dead deer around. Sucks, just back to normal from 2012 and 2013. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. swat1018


    I've been wanting to get out to the farm in NE MO and ice fish some ponds. Does anyone know how the ice is? I fished on 4" in Central Indiana Monday. I'm afraid the snow cover out there may have hurt the ice formation, though. I'm also hoping that Erie freezes this year! Just curious if...
  5. swat1018

    Ice Fishing

    I just got back to Indiana after being in South Florida for a month. What a shock, 12 degrees right now! I've got cabin fever already and am looking to get on some fish. Just took the spud bar and auger to the neighbors pond, 3.5 - 4". I think I'll give it a go tomorrow after work. I'm...
  6. swat1018

    Old Triple Drop Tine Warrior Down!

    In 2014 I noticed a young buck with a little sticker. I thought, that would be cool if it turned into a drop tine. In 2015, he threw off some trash, namely drop tines. I filmed the buck with my cell phone, but let him roll, thinking it would be cool to let the 3 year old with light drop tines...
  7. swat1018

    Skid Steer attachment advice

    I have access to a CAT skid steer with tracks. I need to make some trails/paths on my farm through some thickets. Most of the trees are less than 6". Is there a tool that would work?
  8. swat1018


    After virtually no rain all summer, I finally got a good one last night! 4" in NEMO at my farms. Maybe something will grow now! How about you, Bill?
  9. swat1018

    Poultry Litter

    I have access to a good amount of quail litter. It's manure/sawdust bedding that is fresh from the pen. Is it too "hot" to apply on fruit trees. I have several peaches that are about 10 years old, a couple of 4th leaf apples, some 2nd or 3rd leaf pears, and some 2nd leaf honey crisp. I know...
  10. swat1018

    Elite Hunting Blinds

    Has anyone out there purchased an "Elite Hunting Blind." I saw them at a whitetail convention in Louisville about 3 years ago. I was pretty impressed, just curious if anyone has bought one. They are constructed of insulated overhead garage door panels. Thus, they are insulated and were built...
  11. swat1018

    Deere Seeder/Drill

    Never seen one of these, interesting.
  12. swat1018


    To Maya or any of the other apple guru's, I am wanting a Honeycrisp or two for the house. I'm on the line for 5b or 6a where it will be planted. These are for me not the deer. I've heard Honeycrisp can be difficult, any advice on rootstock or anything else that may help me? I have a liberty...