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    Honeysuckle herbicide

    What herbicides do you all use to kill jap bush honeysuckle? I'm wondering what's the most cost effective. I've been using 50%glyphosate/50%water. After you cut with loppers or chainsaw, how long do you have to spray the stump? Thanks all
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    How Do you mark your farm's Boundary corners?

    Having a survey done and I was curious how you all are marking your corner Boundaries. Thanks all, Yote
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    Illinois 67 acre farm for sale

    Nice farm right there. Surprised its still on the market.
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    Predator Trapping

    I AGREE 100% with Turkey Creek. I will NOT skin a cold one. It gets shot or dispatched and skinned right away with the steam coming off the hide or it doesnt get skinned. Selling them to the fur buyer used to be worthwhile. Our midwest yotes arent worth a dern. They dont have the guard...
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    Dye for glyphosate??

    Thank you all very much!!
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    Dye for glyphosate??

    I want to go on a mission in Feb and March to kill as much bush honey suckle and autumn olive at a farm that is totally overrun with it. If I used a 2 gallon sprayer with 50% gly/ 50% water . Where do I buy the dye to add with it so I can see the stumps I've treated? How much to a I add to a...
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    Received first tree order with great disappointment

    That's too bad. But a "never again" experience for you and us.
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    Apple pics 2020

    How do honey gold taste?
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    Sweetango harvest begins

    Thank you wooduck. Good info right there.
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    3rd leaf apple tree pruning

    Would it be ok to trim back all branches under 4ft from the ground back to the central leader? Or should you let the branches 12"-48" high grow horizontally?
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    Where did my apples go

    I think it had to be squirrels because the nearby limbs from other nearby trees would not support a raccoon's weight. The apples were about double the size of a golfball the last I saw them.
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    Where did my apples go

    Yes, I spray every other weekend imidan/captan unless we get a lot of rain. The deer have the leaves eaten as high as they can reach. This mature tree is 14' tall . I tried to trim the nearby trees so nothing could climb onto it from another tree. The stove pipe is 24" long and 24" off the...
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    Where did my apples go

    i have a mature apple tree that had dozens of Apple's on it. I put stove pipe around the trunk to keep raccoons off of it. I went and checked it tonight and all the apples are gone. What are them?!?!?! Squirrels???
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    lost some ground this week

    I got a peach tree that went under. Apple trees are still safe though.
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    Anyone have experience or familiar with criterion apple trees? Care to share your thoughts? Thanks, yote