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    Spartan Sale

    Not worth it at any price. I'm stuck on the Tactacams.
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    Ouch, high fence deer that got loose

    Kill them before they die!
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    Drilling clover

    Plant oats, rye, EW, milo all out of the large seed box. I have planted mixes with Rye, Oats, Peas, Radish all in the large seed box, then have put MRC or other clover and PTT in the small box. Had excellent success. When planting a mix you have to make compromises with planting depth, for...
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    New 6ft landpride drill 3P606NT

    I just do a lot of trial and error. I strive for about an inch of depth on larger seeds, rye, oats, etc. I still get a good stand from smaller seeds in the small box. Another tip guys have told me about that I haven't really tried is to take the tubes off at the bottom on the small seed box...
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    New 6ft landpride drill 3P606NT

    You're saying the "T" handles don't adjust depth? Interesting, they do on my 3pt.
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    New 6ft landpride drill 3P606NT

    I've never calibrated any planting. I may be the odd one, but I use the seed rate book and experience from planting similar mixes that are in my journal with settings.
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    LP3P606NT drill

    The seed rate chart has always been "close enough" for me. I plant a lot of mixes, I base the rate off the bulkiest seed in the mix, using past years notes and experience. It's hard to go wrong, some plots are just better than others. If you have a really small seed in the batch (or a couple)...
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    Genesis no till drills

    No way I'd pay that for a lighter drill.
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    AA Trail cam batteries

    I tried the Rayovac, as well, with poor results.
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    AA Trail cam batteries

    I buy the AC Delco AA 100 packs off of Amazon. I think $24. Been using them for 3-4 years, as good as Duracell or Energizers.
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    Winter Rye

    $13/bu here in Indiana.
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    Tower Stand Base

    I build my towers where I can move them with my tractor and forks, use mobile home tie downs and ratchet straps. If you are going to drill holes and bury them, you don't even stone. Done 2 that way, been up 10 years.
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    Tower Stand Base

    I have several that are anchored with screw in earth anchors, similar to what they tie mobile homes down with. I use two per blind and ratchet straps. I put eye bolts in each of the four legs and use a ratchet strap down to the closest anchor. Others say it's a bad idea, but I've had them up...
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    LP3P606NT drill

    I think you'll be fine. I run mine with a JD 5400, for comparison. If you look at the specs they are pretty close. My 5400 has no issues whatsoever.
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    Genesis 5

    Lifting an empty drill isn't the same as one loaded down with seed. I know, Mr. Obvious. Just don't want you to get where you are underpowered for what you're doing...