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    New cams for 2021

    the red 6 was good cheap cam except for the fact it was loud and make a picture sound. It resulted in a lot of pictures just like the one you posted. Staring right at the camera. He’s loading up to get the hell out of dodge after hearing it.
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    New cams for 2021

    Most cell cams do not take pictures if it’s transmitting. So I’m sure that could contribute. I don’t of any camera, cell or not that nails subjects on every trigger.
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    Still Holding on to those Antlers

    Love the black hills area in general. To me it’s the gateway to the west
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    Grapevine licking branch

    I figured I’d try something about wrist thickness so that it offered some resistance when they messed with it. It still swung around pretty good.
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    Grapevine licking branch

    I don’t have grape vines in my area but I did a mock like this as well but with an aspen tree in a well used travel area. Stopped pretty much every deer that went by it. I’ll replace it come June and maybe hang it about a foot lower... chest high.
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    Cuddeback's Cuddelink

    On pole mounts a ring of Vaseline stops bugs from advancing to the camera and holds up well through the elements. If you have ideas how they are getting in... electrical tape on the openings can help. I used to have those issues on old moultries until I started doing that. If they are getting...
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    Tactacam Reveal samples

    I notice on most cams the deer can hear the filter and then pair that with a red flash, they can bolt. My neighbor has one of these cams and most of the time it looks like a non-issue but I’ve noticed a couple images where it looked like the deer was looking at them and all loaded up to get the...
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    Tactacam Reveal samples

    Do you notice deer looking at the camera?
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    Tactacam Reveal samples

    Are these normal IR, low glow, no glow?
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    Cuddelink general Q&A recommendations

    Thank you
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    Cuddelink general Q&A recommendations

    I recently purchased a K series camera that I’m going to be adding as my home unit. Previously was just a home cell unit before.... my question is, what’s the best way to run this thing for the whole season? I do have an option for solar but would a dual battery pack run this thing over a food...
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    What would you do?

    Illegal to put out most forms of bait that can be accessed by deer. In this case it seems like the feeder is specifically for deer first other animals second. You are well within your right to call it in. Don’t listen to the stay in your lane crowd. As far as I’m concerned your well within...
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    Take a second shot?

    If it’s not dead and it gets up. Follow up shot is the responsible thing to do. Worry about meat lost second.
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    I'm gonna need more property.

    Congrats! 9 grandkids, that should be pretty fun get togethers during the holidays. Watching the interactions