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    Turkey Decoys

    I got DSD decoys a few years ago. It hurt at first and the wife was pissed. We’ve shot a bunch of turkeys over them since. Before DSDs my decoy success was very low. Now they commit and it leads to a very exciting hunt with close shots. They are great for hunting with kids!
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    NRCS EQUIP Program

    Depending on how steep it is, I’d look at renting out for row crops for a few years to get the crop history with the Fsa office. Alfalfa and clover usually does not qualify. Then, it should qualify for annual crp payments as long as the program is accepting new acres in your county at that time...
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    Honeycrisp Health

    Silver- did you see good results right away the first year? Thanks!
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    Honeycrisp Health

    I made the mistake of planting some honeycrisp apples awhile back. I prune them every year, but I have never sprayed them besides a rare tent caterpillar nest. I really don’t want to do a full spray program on any of my trees. We have enough trees that there are plenty for us and the deer...
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    New property!!

    Awesome. Congrats! I’d be looking to add some small clover plots for bow hunting and some soft mast trees. They would both pay dividends over the years and trees take time to produce. Good luck!
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    Post-Season Apples

    Hello, I have a bunch of apples planted for the hunting season. Some are producing well and others need a few years yet. We had a pretty tough winter in SW WI this year (polar vortex and deep snow by our standards for a few weeks). The wildlife looked pretty thin a couple weeks ago. Luckily...
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    Stock Market is the bottom in?

    Yes- thanks for your recommendation on Dmtk. It finished the week very strong!
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    Talk me out of/into creating more bedding in the middle of our property

    I bought a property 10 years ago that had a nice draw in the back corner. It had a bunch of big, tipped over boxelders down there. I cleaned it up and burned them to plant switch grass and food. The deer use the switch some in the spring and summer, but it just funnels the deer the rest of the...
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    What’s is this shrub?

    It looks like elderberry. Deer will browse it like you said. Other wildlife will use the berries in the summer. It’s good to have around.
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    Honey Crisp on standard roots?

    My experience with Honeycrisp has not been good, although I like the apple so much that I’m not giving up on it. I have a couple semi- dwarfs (m111 or m9) that are probably 9 years old. They are sick looking trees. They produced a few apples for the first time this year. The apples didn’t look...
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    It sure could be. It sounds like your close enough to known positives. We’ve seen some deer we figured that had cwd on camera and they are all skin and bones. If they are not skinny, we’ve never seen them stumbling around the woods. I’m guessing it’s a foot or leg injury. Hopefully that’s the...
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    Stock Market is the bottom in?

    Chummer- what else can you tell us about DMTK? I looks like it just spiked up big time. I hate to buy high, but... Telemark- I’m out of Tesla now also. Maybe I got out too early though. I sold when it hit it’s last record high. Seems very over valued. Do you mind sharing our position on gold? I...
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    what to plant, more white cedar, apple, or dogwood ?

    Bornagain- Awesome habitat project! I don’t think you can go wrong with any of your options at this point. I’d probably just let it naturally fill in at this point for diversity and some open areas. Deer like open, grassy, south facing areas about the time they shed their antlers. Good info on...
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    CWD Ohio

    We’ve been dealing with CWD in my area for over 15 years. The DNR first attempted the impossible goal of eradication. Hunters eventually pushed back from long gun seasons and unlimited tags (some summer seasons and landowner seasons until March 31st) along with sharp shooting. The WI DNR wrote...
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    Browning disapointment

    I had 4 strike force Browning’s. I’m down to one working out of four this year. The cameras are probably 3-4 years old. Like others said, that’s about the life of these cheaper cameras that get left out in the elements. They faded in the sun really bad. Moisture got behind the lens on some after...