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    Love my seedling persimmons

    I have quite a few volunteer persimmon trees they are almost a nuisance. I generally leave them be except in areas where I simply get to many taking over. I even have one large grove that is all female it’s loaded with persimmons every year. I know lots of guys swear by persimmons for deer but I...
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    English Oaks

    I found three columnar EO at a bank the other day I collected about 25 acorns and planted them at the farm this afternoon all in one area. Plugged the last one walked about 20’ and stepped on a honey locust thorn threw the steel toe boot sole and into my foot. Limped back to the van drove home...
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    Cold hardy sawtooth oak

    Might try some Burgambel cross white oaks $3 each, order in multiples of 5 cold hardy to zone 3 and drought tolerant. Should be a good substitute for Sawtooth oaks for northern zones. I just ordered 15 myself to try out at the farm. I don’t need the cold hardiness but am interested in trying...
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    What to plant

    Yes I’m pretty sure the state forester will require the fescue to be sprayed and replaced with something else anyway to qualify for any cost sharing. I’m personally leaning more toward clover than native grass for this planting native grass is a bugger to get established and prosper. We already...
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    Possible to keep a chest freezer in uninsulated garage in MN

    I wouldn’t worry about it my biggest issue is you chose a chest freezer I have long since given up on chest freezers for uprights with the chest freezers we seem to use the top 1/3 and everything else gets freezer burned and tossed out about every 5-10 years when it get cleaned out. Cleaned out...
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    New planting next spring possibly this fall

    SE Kansas I planted 50 swamp chestnut oak, 50 English oak and 20 pear/apple trees adjoining this new planting last spring this next spring I was planning on red oak trees. I have considered stratification in the fridge and that maybe what I do to limit the furry little beasts from eating my hard...
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    English Oaks

    Nice I got a very small maybe 12’ tall Chinkapin oak I’ve collected about 100 good acorns from so far this year. I’m almost thinking it maybe a Dwarf Chinkapin oak but either way I’m going to plant the acorns out at the farm this next weekend. I did check on some English oaks last week at a...
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    Habitat Consultants - MN

    I’d inventory your oaks for the best acorn producing trees over the next coupe three years at least and when your relatively confident which ones produce more reliably than others release the canopy on the good producing trees. Now if you have some oaks surrounded by ash, maple,birch etc.I would...
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    Stock Market is the bottom in?

    I prefer index funds with the set it a forget it mentality. I’m simply not smart enough to out guess what the market is going to do next nor am I that interested in trying to figure it out. I’m genuinely worried with the fool in the White House we could loose the Petrodollars oil reserve...
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    Habitat Consultants - MN

    Have you got any oaks on the property?
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    New planting next spring possibly this fall

    I’m going to convert 8 acres of some highly erodible soil that currently in pasture to a new tree planting. I’m looking at about 450-500 trees probably from the red oak group on this planting. I’m really considering weed matting and 60” grow tubing acorns this fall instead of seedlings next...
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    Ozark Chinquapin

    Slightly off topic but I absolutely can’t wait until the genetically engineered American chestnuts get out of USDA GMO prison and an be planted in wild would love to plant some of them.
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    What to plant

    The walnuts are large trees the small one is 16” on the stump. Hazelnuts might be good choice particularly for the south facing edge of that new tree line. For ground cover I’ll probably use fescue on one side of the fence and ladino clover on the other side we will have cattle on one side and...
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    What to plant

    I pushed out a 300’x50’ section of trees for a new fence we are putting up and the soil in this area is probably some of the best I’ve seen on the farm. I carefully worked around a couple nice black walnut trees leaving them for the next generation to reap the rewards from but I’m definitely...
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    Glyphosate lingo / concentration %

    I use a 200gallon boomless sprayer and very rarely use glysophate I do know the calibration of my sprayer and figure my mix based on this and label instructions. I would suggest picking up some 20/80 surfactant and mixing in the tank with your weed killer of choice. I’m running around 2 quarts...