Winter storm Grayson - Bill, are you and your family safe?

looks like quite a storm.
We're good. Snows is over here just put the snow blower away. Can't say how much we got because of the wind. Some spots are bare, some spots are over a foot. Not big snow dumper here but the wind is going to kick our butt the next few days. Not a lot of power outages yet but I'm ready if it happens.

I said it in another thread. I'm hoping we get sustained below zero temps for a few days. It would help kill the darn southern pine bark beetles that have made their way up here.

Someday isle

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East-central MO
Glad to hear it. You know how the weather reports are. They make it sound like the whole east coast is buried under 18 inches of snow with 70 mph winds. But that kind of cold is nothing to mess with. Glad you’re safe.