Son's first deer 8 point


Yearling... With promise
IMG_2645.JPG My middle son is on the board! It's taken a couple years but I finally got him on his first deer. I'm so thankful it all worked out for him.
We got in the stand this past Friday (late ml for ky) a little later than normal. It was already light out. We settled into the tree. My stand was one one side of the big red oak and his on the other facing the opposite direction. No sooner as I got the CVA accura loaded up and handed to him I started to hear footsteps coming from his side of the tree. They sounded so close I was afraid to move or for fear of spooking the deer. I whispered over my shoulder "do you see the deer?" He said no and I was like how in the world can't you see it? It's right under us! Then he finally spots the deer , raises the gun and shoots! I turn to see this guy struggling to get up and then managing to find his feet and scamper down the hill. I'm too busy reloading the ml to know where it was it or anything about the shot. We waited about an hour. I was worried he hit him high from the way the deer went down but got back up. But we found good blood immediately and trailed it right to him about 100 yards down into the depths of the ravine. I'm so happy for the little guy. His brother who's a year older has already shot two deer and I wanted to even the score a bit! This buck did the trick as it's quite a bit bigger than my oldest son's first buck. Haha. Proud son. Proud papa.
By the way my back and thighs are still sore from dragging this thing up a half mile up a 300 foot ridge. Tractor wouldn't start---but it was worth every step!


5 year old buck +
Congrats to both of you. I have been with a couple kids (2 of my own and another friend of the family as well) for their first deer and I will take that experience over shooting a dandy buck myself every time. Kids can be a struggle all their own and it seems like sometimes the odds are just against you.....then when you think maybe it's too late or you screwed something up.....things just fall into place. The two of you will never forget that hunt. Looks like you have quite the happy camper right there!


Yearling... With promise
IMG_2517.JPG Thanks for all the encouragement guys. This is a pic from the stand. Here in the dead of winter it's nice to relive these views from pictures. It's a beautiful place--tough to hunt but that is one of the things that I love about it.